Can the trust make any distributions, such as for funeral expenses, after a Beneficiary dies? How can I request post-death distributions?

November 13, 2020

Community Fund strongly recommends preneed funeral planning and submitting distribution requests before a Beneficiary’s death when possible. In certain circumstances, the trust may be able to pay for items after a Beneficiary’s death. However, this depends on the type of trust and may require approval from the State of Ohio and any other state in which the Beneficiary received Medicaid benefits. Only the Designated Advocate can request post-death distributions. The Designated Advocate should use our standard Distribution Request form and must submit all post-death distributions together in a single packet. We cannot accept multiple packets.  Due to the state approval requirement, tax obligations, and other factors, the time frame for processing post-death distribution requests is typically longer than the time frame for processing traditional distribution requests during the Beneficiary’s lifetime.