I am not familiar with the vocabulary Community Fund Ohio uses. What does it all mean?

November 13, 2020

We understand that these are new terms to many people. Here are the most common terms and meanings:

  • The Agreement Number is assigned by Community Fund Ohio and is found on the first page of every accepted Joinder Agreement and every statement from our current Trustee. It consists of 1-2 letters and 8 numbers. It may also have an “R” at the end. All of the letters and numbers are important for Community Fund staff to identify the correct sub-account. Sub-accounts established prior to October 2019 may have had additional account numbers assigned by our prior trustees, but an Agreement Number has always been assigned and is the only identification number we use now.

  • The Beneficiary is the person with a disability for whose benefit the Trust was established.

  • The Grantor of a Pooled Medicaid Payback Trust is the Beneficiary. The Grantor of a Master Trust is the person who establishes the Trust.

  • The Designated Advocate (DA) is identified in the Joinder Agreement to communicate with Community Fund on behalf of the Beneficiary. The Designated Advocate may be an individual or an organization, but any organization DA must identify a specific contact person.

  • Community Fund Ohio serves as the Trust Advisor. We are an Ohio nonprofit and a required party for all pooled trusts pursuant to Federal and Ohio law. While every pooled trust may have its own policies and procedures, Community Fund Ohio as Trust Advisor handles all daily administration and communication for our Pooled Trust. We also select the trustee and make distribution decisions.

  • The Huntington National Bank (Huntington) was selected by Community Fund Ohio to serve as the Trustee beginning on October 1, 2019. It assists Community Fund Ohio in making distributions and handles other functions as agreed to by Community Fund and Huntington.